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The only artisan-driven atelier specializing in exceptional cashmere for the discerning, including spouses of presidents and prime ministers; supportive designers and architects; the Aman Group; the COMO Group; Club 21; the Ritz Carlton Hotels; the Four Seasons Resorts; the St Regis; the Bvlgari Resort; the Biyan Group; Vanilla Home, among others. 






“I walk this unfamiliar path because it is my way to experience life more fully.
After 23 years in the corporate world, it was time to act on the realisation that it is not all about me: This time,
it is also about the artisans and others whom I can reach in Nepal and who struggle from day to day,
through this artistic and economic collaboration with them.”



T H E   P A S S I O N

Gerald HENG, a Singaporean, started this after his tenure as a volunteer with an Asian Development Bank project – the Micro-Credit Project for poor women in Nepal – ended in 1999.

He was sent under the auspices of the Singapore International Foundation and was attached to a Canadian NGO. Funded mostly by the Japanese and Norwegian governments, the Project provided small loans to poor Nepalese women to start small enterprises so as to alleviate the poverty of their families.

Moved by the sincerity, creativity, and struggles of the people and country, Gerald, now on his own, decided to focus on one craft – making the most exquisite cashmere ever – while improving the livelihood of the people. Over the years, he has learnt a lot, fell deeper in love with Nepal, and created amazing pieces and fulfilling relationships. Fueled by his passion and eye for color and texture, he rediscovered a fresh purpose in life that allows him to meaningfully collaborate with local communities, preserve and raise their craftsmanship, and link them to the world.


  • "Dear Gerald, I bought four of your best pashminas at the Conrad Fair. I just wanted to say how exquisite they are. The colours and the quality are superb. And I can tell they were made with love. I never want to buy anything but yours!
    Do let me know when you come back to Hong Kong or if you have a supplier here. I have your details, so if I ever get to Singapore again, I will certainly get in touch."
    Christine-Howarth Cheung
  • "AA Pashmina et moi meme... c est une longue et belle histoire... et qui dure! J ai découvert ces étoles sublimes sur une vente dans un grand hotel a Singapour il y a au moins 16 ans! Leurs touchés incomparables, leurs tissages varies et originaux et toujours tres élégants m ont vraiment séduite ! Lors d un voyage au Nepal, j ai meme visité les ateliers où les femmes tissaient ces merveilles pour AA Pashmina! Quel souvenir!  Mes AA Pashmina sont mes meilleurs compagnons de route! Bref... j adore cette marque!!!"

    "AA Pashmina and Myself: it's a long and beautiful story and one which endures. I discovered some sublime shawls at a fair in a big hotel in Singapore 16 years ago. Their incomparable touches and textures, and their various original weaving techniques are always very elegant and seductive.

    When I visited Nepal, I even went to Gerald's workshops where women wove those marvellous things for AA Pashmina. What a beautiful memory! My pashminas from AA Pashmina are my best travelling companions. In brief, I adore this brand! "

    Sophie Ferre-Boniface
  • "Pashminas by AA PASHMINA are in a class of their own. The myriad colors, elegant designs and wonderful weaves are beautiful and a joy to own. The ancient artisans were right when they called it 'soft gold'!

    Warm and feather-light, they dress up our outfits for different occasions. They travel well and never fail to elicit compliments for us.

    Affordable luxury.

    AA Pashmina support impoverished families and children in Nepal, and uplift the local weaving community. A little piece of heaven on earth."

    Chia Teck Ai
  • "I first heard about AA Pashmina at one of the Christmas fairs.

    I have never regretted investing in these pashminas (i.e. scarves, shawls and blankets) for they have lasted more than 10 years!

    I will continue to acquire more for gifts and for personal use."

    Susanna Wong
  • "There are many pashmina and shawl companies and vendors,

    but AA PASHMINA is truly the best in quality, in workmanship, in color selection, and design."

    Mrs Chan
  • "I bought my first shawl about 10 years ago and it has since accompanied me on many trips to cooler climes. The comfort and warmth my shawl provides is deepened by the knowledge that I am supporting a people and their craft in Nepal."

    Tan Yi Wen
  • "I have purchased pashminas both locally and from Nepal but none of them come close to the quality of an AA Pashmina.  Gerald's designs and colours are also unsurpassed. I am very happy with my AA Pashminas and use them extensively. Plus, the fact that AA Pashmina helps the disadvantaged in Nepal makes them all the more special. Thank you, Gerald."
    Ui Kong